Camping for two days and one night at the Senaru Crater Rim


The Senaru Crater Rim is a scenic location known for its natural beauty and captivating landscapes. Situated in an enchanting environment, it offers a unique camping experience surrounded by lush greenery and stunning vistas. The area is characterized by its volcanic features, creating an intriguing backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy a tranquil and immersive retreat, immersing themselves in the wonders of nature while taking in the breathtaking views of the Senaru Crater Rim.

The trek to reach the rim of Mount Rinjani’s crater takes two days and one night, commencing from Senaru village (600 meters above sea level). The journey progresses through a verdant tropical rainforest, culminating at Pelawangan (2641 meters above sea level). At Pelawangan Senaru, a breathtaking panorama unfolds, revealing the remarkable sights of the active Baru Jari mountain and the surrounding Segara Anak lake.

Trekking Itinerary

Senaru Crater Rim

Visitors typically arrive at Pemenang port, either from Bali or the Gili Islands, while some may choose to arrive via Lombok airport. Regardless of the entry point, our comprehensive package includes transportation to our welcoming homestay in Senaru. Upon arrival, a delightful dinner awaits you, complemented by the opportunity to savor stunning views from our outdoor dining area, where playful monkeys may be spotted below. Additionally, our homestay provides convenient access to the nearby Tiu Kelep waterfall, just a 20-minute walk away, with the trail conveniently starting right in front of our accommodation.

  • Rise and shine at 6 am, followed by a delicious breakfast at 7 am. After breakfast, our team will promptly drive you to the starting point in Senaru village, a short 10-minute journey. Once there, proceed to check in with your ticket before embarking on the trek. Accompanied by our dedicated team, including a trekking guide and porter, your adventurous journey begins
  • from the starting point to Pos 1, a leisurely one-hour walk. Take a brief 15-minute rest to hydrate and enjoy some biscuits. Resume your trek towards Pos 2, a scenic two-hour walk, where a longer break awaits for lunch. Following this, proceed to Pos 3 in just about an hour, taking another 15-minute rest. The trail from Pos 1 to Pos 3 guides you through a cool and shady jungle environment.
  • Following a break at Pos 3, resume your trek towards the Senaru Crater Rim, a journey of approximately 3 hours. Reach the destination by 5 pm to bask in the breathtaking sunset, offering spectacular views of the lake and volcano. Our dedicated team will then set up your tent and prepare a delightful dinner for you to enjoy.
  • Rise at 6 am to catch the sunrise, followed by a hearty breakfast. We’ll then begin preparations for the descent back to Senaru village, which takes approximately 5 hours, including lunchtime at either Pos 1 or an extra designated spot. Your guide will coordinate the car’s readiness at the finishing point to drive you back to our office, with the typical conclusion around 1 pm
  • Following that, you can retrieve your luggage, and we’ll arrange transportation to take you to your next destination for your vacation

Trekking Prices

There are various prices even for the same package, contact us to get the relevant price




  1. The number of guides used adjusts to the number of participants with the following details:
    • Guest 1 – 5 people using 1 guide
    • Guests 6-10 people use 2 guides (in front and behind participants)
  2. The number of porters used adjusts to the number of participants with the following details:
    • Guest 1 Person using 1 porter
    • Guests 2 people using 2 porters
    • 3 – 4 people guests using 3 porters
    • Guests 5 people using 4 porters
    • 6 – 7 people guests using 5 porters
    • Guests 8 people using 6 porters
    • 9 – 10 people guests using 7 porters
  3. As for transportation from the pick-up location to Senaru Village, use:
    • Guests 1 – 4 people using Avanza
    • Guests 5 – 6 people using Innova
    • Guests 7 – 10 people using Toyota Hiace

Need to brings

  • Daypack
  • Warm Shirt (Sweater, etc.) & Long Pants; Personal Clothing + Spare (as needed)
  • Bathing and Worship
  • Essentials Raincoat
  • Sandals & Sturdy Trekking Shoes (not overly narrow)
  • Thick socks, gloves, head gloves, and a field cap are advisable. Sunglasses and sunscreen (if necessary)
  • Extra Personal Snacks and Beverages Tiger Balm / Muscle Spray & Personal Medications (for muscle pain)


Participation in the Rinjani trekking program is discouraged for individuals with conditions such as shortness of breath, coronary heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, vertigo, and other serious medical concerns.